AHEGS replacement form To request a replacement graduation statement
Campus card replacement form To replace a lost, stolen or damaged Student ID card. More information on Campus Cards.
Change of personal details

To change your name, birth date or gender.

  • Please submit this form to Student Connect with a certified copy of proof of the change (marriage/name change certificate etc).
Cover sheet To use when submitting supplementary documents to go with an existing request/submission
Disruption to studies

To advise the University of an unexpected or unavoidable disruption to your studies, either during the study period or the formal exam period.  More information on Disruption to Studies

Disruption to studies -  Professional Authority Form

I Expect to complete

This form is used to tell the University that you expect to meet the requirements of your award.  It ensures your record will be checked once results are released, to see if you qualify to graduate.

You should submit this form at the beginning of your final year of study.

If you have queries regarding your eligibility to meet requirements, you should consult the Macquarie University Handbook for your year of entry into your program.  If you have any queries about your completion, you can:


More than 14 credit points If you wish to enrol yourself in more than 14 credit points in one session, you will need academic approval. Once this form has been signed, please return to Student Connect for processing and to be enrolled in the units exceeding the 14 credit points.
Professional Authority Form Where the particular circumstances pertaining to a Disruption to Studies are medical in nature, a completed Professional Authority Form is required to be submitted with the Disruption to Studies Notification. Medical certificates will not be accepted as supporting documentation.
Recognition of prior learning Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is given for recognised tertiary-level studies undertaken at other accredited institutions. When granted, RPL counts towards the credit point requirement for your degree.
Status letter request To request a status letter for the purposes of Centrelink, banks etc - provides details such as enrolment, full/part time status or confirmation of degrees taught in English.
Transcript request form

To request an official academic transcript. More information on Transcript requests.

Urgent academic transcript request form - in person only at Student Connect, Level 2 MUSE C7A

Withdrawal without penalty To apply for a W (withdrawn) grade after the census date, or to apply for recrediting/remission of HECS or FEE-HELP debt.  More information on Withdrawal.